MMMM coney dogs

There are certain foods that unless you are from a certain region or area of a state you may never hear of. Michigan sauce is one of those things. Now, Michigan sauce has nothing to do with Michigan, as far as I know. If you order a Michigan in Northern New York you will get […]

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So you want to be a millionaire?

1. Surround yourself with people who will stretch your mind. What is your dream that is so big that the thought of accomplishing it seems impossible — and maybe even scares you? Do you think you would be more likely to accomplish it if you had a group of advisors who were already playing at that […]

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Play Ball

4 days to opening day, photo by Kevin Povenz Justin Verlander will take the mound today at 4:10 PM for the Detroit Tigers as the face the Chicago White Sox for their 116th Opening Day. The first game the Tigers played as a Major League team was on April 25, 1901 against the Milwaukee Brewers. Roscoe Miller started the […]

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Brand new for 2018.

One of the largest redevelopments in Detroit right now that’s moving forward is the Packard Plant. The undertaking will be massive (10-15 years), but tenants could be moving into the administration building by late 2018. The admin building, which faces East Grand Boulevard, is currently undergoing asbestos abatement with the help of a $300,000 Wayne […]

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Would you, could you do it in a tiny house?

Mark Sundeen, writing for Outside, traveled to the National Tiny House Jamboree in 2016 and talked to some of the tiny house movement’s pioneers, including its “godfather” Jay Shafer. Over a cigarette break in the woods — away from all the tiny space swooners, wannabe-minimalists, and sales reps — Shafer tells him a bit about his design philosophy and the purpose of material objects.

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Get your fix at the North American International Auto Show


If you are a car guy (or girl) this time of the year is very special in Metro Detroit, The 2017 North American International Auto Show is more of a trip to the local dealership nowadays but the excitement that floods Cobo Hall every January is contagious.  What I find really great for the visitors this year is not what you see at the exhibits but the treats waiting downtown.  New restaurants, buildings, roads, and the M-1 rail infrastructure will really show people just how far this city has come.  Here are a couple shots of the new Lincoln Continental just so you don’t feel like I forgot the cars.  Enjoy.



For information or tickets see the website at (naias)


Happy New Year

What you find when you’re out showing houses.


So I must have been good this year because I was fortunate enough to not only pick up a new camera, but as I was out scoping out some listings I came across this backyard full of wonderful treasures.  Thought I’d share a few.  Let me know what you think and please share them with your friends.

Feed the soul.


Looking for a last minute gift or a little treat for yourself?  I love to get into the kitchen and create meals out of whatever I can find but how about learning some classic cooking techniques from actual trained chefs in professional kitchen setting?  There are classes offered all over the Metro area which offers such an experience for foodies of all skill levels.  Not only do you get to get to bring home some tasty food that you created, but also memories of sharing the experience and learning a skill that you can show off at your next party.

Here’s a list of some well reviewed schools or private instructors.




Royal Oak