Shhh, don’t tell everyone about this place.

You know that local place you just take for granted because they’ve always just been there?  For me, Bolyard Lumber in Birmingham is just that place.  Yes I’m just as guilty as everyone else and go to the big box stores.  They are just so “convenient” and their prices can’t be beat right?  Not so fast.  I was at the yard a couple days ago and I guy came in for some fasteners because his job was just around the corner and didn’t want to drive far and when he heard the total he was shocked to find out it was actually cheaper to buy from this store than the big place a few miles away.  It made me chuckle because I had discovered their top quality and very competitive prices years ago from a local builder.  As far as selection and service there isn’t anyone in the area that can beat them on that.  I picked up some Western Red Cedar that I needed for a project and i’ll tell you every time I left the yard with my latest batch of material, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face it was so pretty.  They have helped me with great advice over the years and I can recommend them without reservation.  Check out their website at



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